Sleep dentistry ChathamIs your loud, chronic snoring causing you and/or your sleeping partner to get less-than-satisfactory sleep? The solution you’re looking for may start with your dentist. Dr. Karen Tiwana of Chatham Dental Arts in Pittsboro, NC, is pleased to offer SnorNoMor, a custom oral appliance that has been proven to reduce or eliminate your snoring at night. SnorNoMor is a product from Annalan Laboratory, a respected brand known for creating occlusal splints (oral night guards that improve breathing and reduce teeth grinding.)

Are You a Candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

If you are one of the 40 million Americans who regularly snores, you may be a good candidate for SnorNoMor. You may be at heightened risk for snoring if you:

  • Are male
  • Are overweight
  • Drink alcohol
  • Have a deviated septum
  • Have large tonsils

During a consultation, Dr. Tiwana can assess your candidacy and discuss how the oral appliance works in more detail.

What Are the Benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

Patients who wear SnorNoMor are much less likely to snore at night, to the delight of others who share a bedroom with these patients — this can be a literal relationship-saver. The patients report that they get more restful sleep themselves since they are no longer waking themselves up with their own snoring.

Additionally, research has found that patients who wear a dental device like SnorNoMor can help to prevent obstructive sleep apnea, a serious condition characterized by having your breathing stop and start as you sleep. Patients who develop sleep apnea not only snore loudly, they also are exhausted during the daytime, suffer frequent migraines, experience high blood pressure and are often irritable.

How Does SnorNoMor Work?

Sleep dentistry PittsboroSnoring occurs due to vibrating muscle tissue at the back of the throat. When you sleep, these muscles loosen, and the air that passes through the throat flutters the muscles, creating a snoring noise. SnorNoMor helps by increasing the size of the airway and moving the lower jaw slightly forward while you sleep. This allows air to pass through more normally, even when your muscles relax during sleep.

During an appointment, Dr. Tiwana makes a mold of your mouth and sends it to Annalan Laboratory to create a custom SnorNoMor device that fits perfectly in your mouth. Once it has been created, you can begin to wear the appliance at night to keep your airway open. Although you may find it awkward to wear this device for the first night or two, most patients agree that they can sleep comfortably while wearing it.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from Sleep Dentistry?

SnorNoMor should produce results for you for as long as you continue wearing the oral appliance. Because it does not alter your jaw or airway, you may choose to stop wearing it with no adverse health consequences if you are dissatisfied with the results.

If SnorNoMor does not significantly reduce your snoring or no longer feels comfortable in your mouth, please visit Dr. Tiwana so that she can make adjustments or suggest an alternate treatment.

Start Getting Quiet, Restful Sleep

Dr. Tiwana is a beloved dentist who is happy to help her patients get better, snore-free sleep. For an appointment, please call Chatham Dental Arts at (919) 542-4911.