Preventative dentistry chathamSome patients only schedule a dentist appointment when they encounter a serious problem like bleeding gums, a toothache or a cavity. Dr. Karen Tiwana, recognized as a “top dentist” in Pittsboro, NC, is happy to treat any dental situation that arises, though she does encourage her patients to visit at least twice annually for preventive care. It’s not a coincidence that those who undergo preventive dentistry are among the least likely to develop bleeding gums and cavities!

Are You a Candidate for Preventive Dentistry?

All of us should be proactive about preventive care to ensure our teeth remain in strong, healthy condition. By brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing once, you are taking the right steps to remove plaque and keep your teeth clean. However, at-home care does not provide you with the type of deep cleaning and examination that Dr. Tiwana offers in a general dentistry appointment.

What Are the Benefits of Preventive Dentistry?

Most preventive care is covered by your average dental insurance plan. In addition to saving you money on general appointments, you can also avoid having to pay for other costly procedures that may arise from ignoring your oral health, such as dental implants, dental crowns or fillings.

What Is Considered Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry care that Dr. Tiwana offers includes:

Dental Cleaning

Preventative dentistry pittsboroYour hygienist uses special tools to scrape any hard-to-reach tartar and plaque along the gumline. You also undergo a deep scrub in which an electric brush polishes the teeth with a gritty toothpaste. Flossing helps to remove any lingering particles from between the teeth.

Dental Examination

Dr. Tiwana uses a mirror to search for signs of cavities and other problems (like cracks and chips) on the surface of your teeth. Additionally, she checks the condition of your jaw, tongue and bite. She alerts you if she notices anything that may be a sign of oral cancer.


Periodic X-rays are a good way to catch any potential problems that Dr. Tiwana cannot spot with her own eyes. Digital X-rays allow her to safely (and with much less radiation than previous X-ray technology) take pictures that can spot problems in the tooth roots, jawbone and gums. If anything is detected, she can take prompt action.

Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment helps to strengthen the enamel (the protective outer layer of the teeth) so that it can better protect from bacteria and plaque. Dr. Tiwana gently applies the fluoride, which is highly concentrated — far more concentrated than the fluoride present in standard toothpaste. This treatment is typically recommended for children 14 and younger who naturally have weaker enamel, though some adults may be good candidates for the procedure.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect from Preventive Dentistry?

Although preventive dentistry is by no means a guarantee that you will never have a cavity or need more serious restorative care, it certainly improves your odds of having healthy, functional teeth and gums throughout your life. The most important thing to remember is that preventive care is an ongoing process; your commitment to regularly brushing and flossing and attending dental appointments is what makes it successful.

Make an Appointment

Dr. Tiwana is a friendly, talented dentist who is committed to keeping her patients’ oral health in top condition. To make an appointment for preventive dental care, please contact Chatham Dental Arts at (919) 542-4911.