4 FAQs About How Crowns & Bridges Can Improve Your Smile

July 5, 2017

When you want a better smile, a cosmetic dentist can offer options such as dental bridges, crowns, or dental veneers to change the appearance of your teeth. These cosmetic procedures can make a huge difference in the way you look.

Facts About Dental Bridges and Crowns
A dental crown is a tooth-like cap that is seated over a tooth or part of a tooth. It can be restorative, improving function of the tooth, or it can simply be used to improve appearance. It is permanently attached and can only be removed again by a dentist.

A bridge is used when a tooth is actually missing. Rather than leave a space in your mouth, which can cause problems in the future, a false tooth is put in the space. To do so, crowns are placed on the teeth surrounding the missing tooth, and the missing tooth is attached.


1. Who should get a crown or bridge?
They are appropriate for almost anyone. Crowns or bridges are used for cosmetic and functional purposes such as:

• Protecting a weak tooth from fracture
• Restoring a broken tooth
• Replacing a large filling
• Covering a tooth that has had a root canal
• Covering a poorly shaped or discolored tooth
• Covering a dental implant
• Filling a space when a tooth is missing

2. What are crowns and bridges made of?
Crowns and bridges are often ceramic or porcelain and can be matched to existing teeth for a look that appears natural.

3. How will the crown or bridge be put in?
Placing a crown or bridge usually takes about two appointments with the dentist. At the first appointment, the tooth to be fitted will be shaped and then a mold is made. The dental lab makes the crown and/or bridge from the mold, and at the second appointment, it is fitted and placed.

4. Will it feel like real teeth?
The crown or bridge may feel unusual for a few days, as you get used to it. But, after a week or two, you will not even notice that it is any different from your natural teeth.

So, if you are ready to improve your smile with crowns, bridges, or even dental veneers, call our office today for your appointment with our cosmetic dentist.