Bitewing Dental X-rays Help Our Pittsboro Dentist Identify Tooth Decay Early

February 7, 2017

Our Pittsboro general dentist uses bitewing X-rays as part of a child’s dental exam to obtain the best visual results for their young, growing teeth. There are several reasons why X-rays may need to be taken of your child’s mouth. Understanding the importance of X-rays as a diagnostic and preventative tool can help ease your fears as your child gets their dental check-up.

What Do X-rays Show?

Getting X-rays, also known as radiographs, are an important part of a child’s check-up. There are a variety of reasons for this, which include:

  • Viewing the number of teeth that are erupting.
  • Monitoring mouth injuries.
  • Determining if an infection has spread.
  • Identifying bone diseases.

Bitewings for children are one of the five different types of X-rays that are commonly done as part of a child’s dental exam. Their primary purpose is to spot tooth decay or cavities between the teeth that aren’t easily seen with the naked eye by a dentist. Bitewing X-rays can help your local dental office find tooth decay in its earliest stages before it affects the root or gums.

When Will My Child Get Bitewing X-rays?

Bitewing X-rays aren’t necessary until your child’s teeth in the back of their mouth touch each other. This typically occurs when your child’s six-year molars erupt. Before this time, our Pittsboro family dentist can see around each tooth for any decay. Once the teeth touch, it becomes necessary to use bitewing X-rays to view any decay that has formed in-between teeth.

Will the X-rays Be Uncomfortable for My Child?

Bitewing X-rays require that your child bite a tab that holds the film in place while the X-rays are taken. This can present some minor discomfort that will go away as soon as it is removed from your child’s mouth. Bitewings for children are specially designed to fit in a child’s smaller mouth, minimizing any discomfort that may be experienced. If your child is sensitive or prone to gagging, please let the dental staff know so precautions can be taken to minimize their sensitivity.

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Catching dental decay with an exam and X-rays in its earliest stages is essential for your child’s overall health. Call our local Pittsboro dental office today so we can set your child up with an appointment for a thorough exam.