What Does A Dental Exam Consist Of?

March 21, 2017

You should see a dentist once or twice per year. This is one of the best things that you can do in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy. There are several things that you can expect when you get a dental exam:

Discuss Your Health History

There are a number of diseases that can increase your risk of oral health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. You will have to fill out forms that provide your general dentist with information about your health. You will also be asked questions about the medications that you are taking. Certain medications can cause dry mouth, which can increase your risk of oral health problems. It is best to arrive at your appointment 15 minutes early so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork.

Teeth Cleaning

Your dental hygienist will give you a thorough cleaning. The cleaning will polish your teeth as well as remove plaque and tartar.


You will be given a thorough dental exam after your teeth are cleaned. You will be checked for cavities, gum disease and infections. Your general dentist may also order x-rays. An x-ray can reveal problems that may have been missed during the dental examination. Additionally, you will be checked for oral cancer.

Fluoride Treatments

Your dentist may recommend that you get a fluoride treatment. The purpose of fluoride is to strengthen your enamel and reduce the risk of cavities. You will have to wait at least 30 minutes before you eat or drink something if you get a fluoride treatment.

General Advice

After your exam has concluded, our general dentist will provide you with a list of oral care tips. They may also recommend that you come back if there is a problem with your teeth or gums. You may schedule your appointment before you leave our office.

If it is time for you to make an appointment, then you should contact our Pittsboro dentist office today to get scheduled.